Public relations tends to focus on the upside of publicity, managing to the downside only when there is a full-blown crisis. At that point, it's too late.


Breaking news routinely triggers billions of dollars in stock price declines, along with significant sales and market share impacts and lasting damage to brand equity.


Headline Risk involves proactively managing the broader risk-reward spectrum,

and in the process aligning news outputs to business outcomes across the board. 



Generate actionable customer insights 

Identify headline risks ahead of the press



Separate customer signals from the media noise


Align news outputs to

business outcomes



Forecast the depth and duration of crisis events

Support critical pricing and business decisions



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I am a former news wire reporter with a background in corporate communications, media relations, marketing research, and first- and second-line risk management.

This website and the Whiteboard blog grew out of my PR case studies class and connections with the Enterprise Risk Management Initiative at NC State.


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